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Custom Mufflers & Exhaust

BMS Maximum Exhaust & Brakes is your source for high quality muffers and exhaust. We are the place to bring your car when you need a muffler repair or want to upgrade your vehicle’s exhaust system with the latest equipment. We have everything you need to create the perfect exhaust system and get excellent performance from it.

Bring your car to us today! For more information, call us at 503-393-8389.

Exhaust System Components

Look to us for the best components for your mufflers and exhaust system. Check with us for:
• Catalytics
• Exhaust Tips (Single and Dual)
• Performance Mufflers
• Tubes (Ranging 1.5-6in Diameter)
• Y Pipes
• X Pipes
• Welding

Boost Your Exhaust System

Upgrading your exhaust system will help your engine breathe easier and allow for better engine performance. Better engine performance means more efficient fuel consumption.

Upgrading can also bring you more power. We can install custom exhausts to reduce backpressure and allow for increased horsepower. An upgrade could improve the sound of your engine as well.

Custom Welding

Outfitting your vehicle with custom exhaust requires capable welding. Our shop offers custom welding to craft your exhaust system how you want it.

Why Customers Love Us

Bring your car to BMS Maximum Exhaust & Brakes for the latest exhaust system products and fantastic service. Feel free to call ahead at 503-393-8389.


“Incredible customer service and a exhaust job done perfect. I called to get a quote, they offered to put up on the lift immediately, quote was very fair and they stuck to it! I took my Audi S5 to have the mufflers deleted and tips installed and I’m glad I chose BMS. Done within an hour as well. Car sounds great. Had them position the tips just how I wanted them. 10/10.”

Tyler Books

“These guys really are the best!!! Got me in on a moments notice, did a job better than I could have imagined and at the overall best price out there. I am 100% satisfied and I recommend these guys above anyone else. Thanks for the fast, fantastic job and the great prices!”

Keith Lenhares

“I needed a custom exhaust system installed on short notice and on a Saturday. They had me go in and they didn’t even hesitate. My car was on the lift within 5 minutes.”

Joel Greenwade

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BMS Maximum Exhaust & Brakes
4803 Portland Road Salem, OR 97305

Phone: 503-393-8389

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